We treat your pet like family

We will care for any type of animal you may have. We have experience with dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, primates, horses, cows, ducks, chickens, elephants, sealions, lions, tigers, and bears! 

​​​We know how much you worry about leaving your pets when you go out of town. Some pets just cannot be boarded due to the stress they feel. We can offer them a more relaxing environment by 'boarding' them in their own home, within the Daphne area.

$18/ visit- We will come to your house for 30 minutes to feed, water, play with, medicate if needed, and let them out. Three visits are recommended. Each visit will include mail pick-up, lights/blinds changed out in the house, and any indoor plants watered.  ($5 for yard pick-up.)

$48/ day - 10% off if you book 4 or more consecutive days (3 visits per day.)

$20/ visit gets your dog a 30 minute walk. ($5/additional dog, same walk)

Add $40/ dog onto any pet sitting booking (2 or more days booked) and return home to a freshly bathed dog. We will bring your dog up to the shop before you return home and give him/her the"Wash & Roll" treatment. (Other grooming services available at additional pricing.)